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29 September 2010

Pipp's Blogg

9.30 on Wednesday morning, running around full of energy after an epic watch. The wind is about 20 knots(calmed down during the morning from gusting to 35).

Normally the morning routine is to have a coffee, plug in the I-pod and slowly wake up(listening to Abba, or something else equally cheesy) =)

But this morning there was no need for the I-pod. The sea is amazing, big rolling waves and plenty of wind. Tried to take photos and made a film, will update it when we hit land so you all can see!

We ended up floating around in the doldrums yesterday. We heard that some of the other boats had the same problem so turned on the iron jib (engine) for about 6 h and motored S to 15 degrees where the weather report promised more wind. It turned out right! Averaging 10 knots this morning! Woooopwoooop!





15 15.65 S

091 43.85E

0400 UTC