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18 November 2010

Storm bound

Morning all


Wild Tigris arrived into Port Elizabeth on Monday night at 2000. It may have been different had Casey and I not been ‘talked down’ from sailing on to Cape Town in strong Easterlies by our friendly S. African weather router, Peri. As it was, we were on the rhumb line 30nm South of PE heading directly to Cape Agulhas (S. Africa’s most southerly point) and after Peri’s local knowledge, had to do a swift 90deg turn and run to port.


PE is a large industrial port with a small marina tucked away at the back. We are too big for any of it’s pontoons and have been relegated to the fisheries jetty where we’ve rafted alongside a couple of squid boats. We are now playing the waiting game with the notoriously changeable Cape of Good Hope (or Cape of Storms, as it was once known) weather. Recent forecasts show a possible window between tonight and Monday morning. We’re standing by for Peri’s advice at 5pm just incase Casey and I are overly optimistic again…


We’ll keep you posted



  33 58’ S

025 38’ E

0800 UTC