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19 October 2009

19 October: Departure Day at Last

Wild Tigris - ready to go! DEPARTURE! The crew orders were to be on board and ready to go, no later than 7:30, or we'd leave 'em. Wild Tigris - Heidi on the dock Heidi and our boatyard neighbor, Wolfgang, waving goodbye (And, no, we weren’t abandoning Heidi ashore, she was driving the car around to the fuel dock down the harbor.) We pulled out bright and early from the slip that had been Tigris’s home for so long, and headed over to the gas dock to fill up. With tanks this big, filling up takes a while, so those of the crew not involved in that headed out to hunt for any truly last-minute items. Along the way, our medical supplies, which had been held up in customs for ages, finally arrived. And so, finally, at 12:15, we pushed off and headed out for Gibraltar. Wild Tigris - Palma lighthouse Wild Tigris - Palma cliffs Most of the afternoon was taken up with unpacking and last minute stowing. The watch system started up at 18:00, and there was a lot of napping going on so we'd all have hope of getting up for our first late-night shifts. Wild Tigris - sunset underway Sunset while underway Wild Tigris - Bill driving Bill driving, first watch Wild Tigris - Guy geared up for watch Guy driving, first watch The night went quietly, all systems purring along; Anne saw two very bright shooting stars, Heidi saw three, and Casey saw one as well. An auspicious start, indeed.