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14 October 2009

Wednesday - T minus 3 days and counting

Today was Another Wild Day in Refitland. Delivery crew member and longtime sailing buddy of Casey's, Alec, arrived in the morning - the headcount grows! One surprisingly huge project was getting the washer installed: Look very carefully, here; there are two people in this photo. Andrew (part of the refit gang) is entirely underneath the washer and workbench, halfway in the bilge, I think! ...the washer, the brand/model name of which is (I am not making this up): "Candy". Isn't she beautiful? Some work had to be done up the mast, and Anne got some practice using the electric winches to haul Matt (another refit gang member) up. This big winches are a bit tricky to operate, especially when there's a person on the other end of it... And of course endless provisioning runs, trips back and forth across the paserelle loaded with gear (an interesting skill to try to pick up on the fly, Anne notes.)