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10 February 2010

Captain's blog, 2 deg15 mins North

Wild Tigris and co. are currently slipping south at close to 10kts with the help of the El Nino current (and a 190hp Mercedes diesel engine!), a warm southerly current that gives its name to what has become a much larger effect. We have just over 265Nm to go and with the help of El Nino, should be in Puerto Lucia Yacht Club tomorrow evening.

With less than 135Nm to the Equator, we are becoming increasingly bombarded with Casey's 'What if...' theories with regards to minimizing the effects of King Neptune's visit. Over a delicious lunch of Ravioli and chopped salad, he proposed launching the tender and driving it across alone; swimming across; and several other hairbrained ideas before it hit him. King Neptune is all alone against five strong, healthy individuals. With this simple realisation, the dynamic onboard has changed dramatically and now for the first time in centuries of nautical exploration, King Neptune is sweating in his sailing boots!

"The beating will continue until morale improves"