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20 February 2010

Flying Squid!

We woke to finding we have been visited by the flying calamaries last night. Three black eyed beauties staring up at us from the deck.

Johan landed the biggest one,(4 inches) he found it in his head this morning... hmmm, one wonders what Johan was up to last night to attract one that size.

Casey stepped on one in the galley during his early morning watch. He assumed it was the wild ones who planted it just for tricks.

But no, unfortunitly we aren't that clever. The girls slept in during
their watches.

Apparently, squid are attracted to light, so that explains why the sea birds were having a grand time around the boat last night. In the biblical sense the squid were "approaching the light."

52 miles to San Cristobal, Galapagos.

01 06.960 S

88 41.870 W

10:51 AM Wild Tigris time

- Hollie