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05 March 2010

Isabela Island

A gorgeous sail to Isabela Island yesterday thanks to Todd and Billy getting us permission to stay in the harbor. Arrived midday and were greeted in the harbor but two young seal lions putting on a show for us while they played with a fish carcass and fended off the frigate birds.

Some of the wild things went off with a guide for a water tour of the lagoon in search of boobies and penguins and iguanas. It was most successful. A landing party was formed to organize the paperwork. Capt Sean, Val and Sugar now know what the phrase "only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noonday sun" really means. The shellbacks felt the full force of true equatorial heat while surveying what Isabela had to offer, which was mostly dirt roads, some drunken ex pats and lots of feral dogs having at on most street corners.

Sunset cocktails aboard Tigris while watching flocks of boobies (their feet really are Tiffany box blue) land on the nearby rocks... Inspiring some in our party to show theirs. Another shore party was formed for a relatively successful mission to see flamingos while Dennis, Susie, Sugar and Val had a very successful party aboard the sumptuous Wild Tigris well fed again by Charlie and Sofia.  

Off early in the am and back on Santa Cruz  (and the dreadfully bumpy Porto Ayora harbor).  The shellbacks have decamped to the Solimar Hotel to prepare for flights home tomorrow and to turn Wild Tigris back to her crew.  One last note to future visitors aboard Tigris.... If you get the opportunity while under sail and need a nap, take yourself to the master aft stateroom for a truly wonderful experience.