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23 March 2010


On board Wild Tigris there is a quiet and peaceful atmosphere with only the sound of wind and waves to break the silence. However, this is sometimes interrupted by an intense squealing from Heidi. An occurrence which takes place, for example, when there is a flying fish emergency or when she is up on deck "birdwatching" and all of a sudden "sees an Albatross", which so far, has always turned out to be a seagull...

Other things the crew "see", for example, are ships on the horizon; i.e. a tiny little light that might just be something... So far it been nothing other than our vivid imagination of phantom ships or semi-lucid hallucinations of Irish Bars just a little bit ahead...

One winner in all this madness has been Joel who won the competition we started a week ago; "How many ships will we see in the next week??" He got it right, zero.

The log book has also become a victim of the crew's vivid imagination. Every second hour we plot down our Lat and Long together with speed, course and so on. One of the columns is entitled "Conditions" where we would normally write one word to describe the current weather such as 'Warm' or 'Good'.

Recently this column has turned into the Wild Tigris Thesaurus Dictionary and a test to see how many different adjectives one can use, without repeating yourself. Some classic examples are, 'groovy', 'cosmic', 'bliss', 'bouncy' and 'cozy'. The things you do to entertain yourself.

Have to go prepare dinner... fish.

Increase the peace


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