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24 October 2010

Bienvenue à La Réunion

After a remarkably short trip (seems like we barely had time to set up watches; Anne having not stood a watch since last November, was told she'd be duct-taped to the wheel, but thankfully no one made good on the promise) we had a close finish to this leg. After an slightly bumpy ride over, with winds between 20 and 30 knots, the winds died as we came around the island. After thinking we'd be second over the line - cheated out of the spot by Crazy Horse, who appeared out of nowhere to cross in front of us - we had to fight hard to stay in front of our nearest competitor. Battling through light winds - Sean says it took "nerves of steel" - we crossed the finish line third at 5:06 AM local time. Not sure where that will put us in the fleet, the WARC's got their own special handicapping system that no one seems to want to delve into too closely.

We're now arrived in port (literally - the town is named "Le Port") cleaned up and starting to figure out the plan of attack for the week.

24 Oct 2010
20 56.375 S
55 16.993 E