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06 October 2010

another day at the office

Wednesday, 6-10-10, 1230UTC, 19 45’S, 69 06’E

A calm day, you forget how nice it is to have a calm day, been able to clean up all the stuff that went flying for the last week.

Laundry machine is running, sun is out, the sea is flat. (flatter)

We had lunch on deck, with all the pillows out in the sun and some white wine.

I got stuck in to the baking, chocolate muffins all around!

We really are spoiled normally! =)

It is a lot colder than normally. I have to send a big thank you to Amanda who left her foul weather gear jacket on board! Its been a life saver.

None of us really have any warm clothes.

Again, we have been spoiled!

Found the biggest flying fish so far on deck yesterday, about 30-40cm, good thing it did not hit somebody, that would have hurt!

So things are more or less as normal on the good old ship,

Flying fish, weather condition, what the next snack will be…things rolls on…

It’s a hard life!

Same-same, but different.