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24 January 2011

Only 151 h to go!!!

151 hours….this morning I was staring at a depressing 210hr ETA….

The wind picked up! Nicely cruising along in 8-10knots for the moment.

What is going on onboard?

Casey and Stu are watching a Clint Eastwood film (at 10 in the morning) Heidi is reading a book, and Sean is pushing buttons on the auto pilot.

I just finished my watch, have to say I got lucky and got the nicest one on this trip (well, to be honest I nagged myself into it!!!=)), from 6 in the morning to 9.

Get to wake up all by my self on deck every morning, drink a nice, quiet cup of coffee and watch the sun rise!

Normally I would not wake up before 10 if I had a choice, but the sun rises at sea is always worth the effort, absolutely stunning! A great way to start the day!

Getting closer to the halfway mark (it is as usually marked with a champagne glass) and if we keep up this good speed we should be there early tomorrow!


15 24’S

18 01’W