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30 January 2011

A stones throw...

We are currently powering in on the 150Nm to go mark, stuffed full of Lasagna and sweating in the now noticeably tropical heat. It’s strange that only a few days ago I was wearing jeans and a ‘hoodie’ on night watch and now I’m tempted to do them shirtless!

We had our first ‘Green flash’ in ages last night and Casey almost caught it on camera had he not left the lens cap on…just kidding, he ignored a gut feeling and didn’t bother going below to get his camera!

Today has been hectic with our first boat sightings in over a week; one tug this afternoon heading to Las Palmas and another unidentified late last night. We were beginning to think we were out here alone!

All going well, we should arrive tomorrow afternoon shortly before 2pm local time.

Cheers, SMC

13 25’ S

035 57’ W