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09 June 2010

What day is it!!!???

Saturday, Sunday or Monday!!????Nobody really knows.

As usually there is quite a confusion on board Wild Tigris, luckily once again we have Captain Sean to help us out.

It all started on the trip from Niue to Tonga, a 245miles trip of motoring due to light wind.

On Saturday night (2300) we crossed the date line and it became Sunday night (2300) instead.

We all agreed that Sunday was not really important anyway.....dont wanna miss a Friday!!!!

Niue was a very cool island, with tons of sea caves and limestone caverns.

But the coolest thing was the sea snakes! Stripy little guys. They come up to breath every 30 minutes.

More deadly than a Cobra, if you find yourself bitten you have about an hour to live! So of course I had to force Sean to come diving with me and look at the snakes! Very entertaining, the visibility is amazing due to there is no natural rivers to disturb the water.

Later the same day we went to visit some of the caves. When the tides go down some of the water stays and create little pools that are great for swimming and snorkelling. This is when I almost got eaten by a giant moray eel! (See pictures!) He is the same size of a dolphin and was about 30 cm away from me, sticking his face out from between two rocks.

Guess that was his cave.

We have about 2-3 weeks in The Kingdom of Tonga to look forward to now, which is hopefully going to be as exciting as the rest of them!

N.b. from Cap. Sat signal is slowly getting stronger and we hope that we will be able to do some more regular blogging.

18' 39. 48 s

173' 59.32 w



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