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30 September 2010

Rain, Rain, and more Rain

You never appreciate your auto pilot enough until it stops working. Yesterday we were Nantucket Sleigh riding for six or seven hours flying at speeds up to 14 plus knots. Two poles and two jibs pulling the Wild Tigris to hull speeds time and time again.  Then when the fun for just getting to much our beloved Ray (Hydraulic autopilot) he decided that it was too much and stopped working.  The motor stalled on the cockpit read out.  Our Courageous Captain Sean went through heavy rain and large seas to try and fix Ray but no avail.  Hand steering was the day.  Two hour watches with a backup person in the main saloon for the rest of the trip or unless Ray decides to give us a break and start working again. We just don’t love Ray enough, so if you know any Ray’s please give them some love so that our Ray may come back to life.   


Wild Tigris crew


16 10.805 S

88 46.748 E


03:21 UT time

8:51 am Wild Tigris time

29 September 2010

Pipp's Blogg

9.30 on Wednesday morning, running around full of energy after an epic watch. The wind is about 20 knots(calmed down during the morning from gusting to 35).

Normally the morning routine is to have a coffee, plug in the I-pod and slowly wake up(listening to Abba, or something else equally cheesy) =)

But this morning there was no need for the I-pod. The sea is amazing, big rolling waves and plenty of wind. Tried to take photos and made a film, will update it when we hit land so you all can see!

We ended up floating around in the doldrums yesterday. We heard that some of the other boats had the same problem so turned on the iron jib (engine) for about 6 h and motored S to 15 degrees where the weather report promised more wind. It turned out right! Averaging 10 knots this morning! Woooopwoooop!





15 15.65 S

091 43.85E

0400 UTC

28 September 2010

Captain's blog

Hello all. Sean here at the end of a 0600-0900 watch….happily escaping the grey and wet that is outside. We departed yet another paradise island at 1130 on mon 27th and are taking our weather router’s advice in heading SSW to 15degS. The plan is to skirt around the S of a developing low and then hopefully turn W and have established trades all the way to the barn (Mauritius). With both Gib’s poled out, we’re making about 8.5kts, rocking and rolling! The total length of this leg is over 2200Nm and assuming steady trades, we hope to complete it in 12days. The fish count has been embarrassingly low; one reasons for this is our newest crew member, affectionately known as ‘Grumps’, has teamed up with Casey and have initiated a new catch and release policy. I am still trying to explain that after trawling a fish at 8kts for 10mins, no matter how good your intentions, you are basically releasing shark food!

Until tomorrow


13deg 40’ S

94deg 35’ E

0300 UTC

27 September 2010

Back up and Running with bloging?

The wild ones are currently in Cocos Keeling anchored at Direction Island. The new wild is Henry Gibbons/Neff, entertainment unlimited!!!  There maybe a weather system coming to Cocos so we may leave earlier than the Monday starting time.  At 8 tonight we get the new World ARC weather report from Rally control Paul.  This is a new blog entry using the new Iridium phone purchased in Darwin, Australia.  This is one of the most beautiful places in the world that I have ever been. 




12 05.541 S

96 52.814 E

Gps time 12:58

Wild Tigris time 6:30 pm

26 September 2010

Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Australia

The WT has been in the Cocos (Keeling) Islands since late last week; as of 1100 UTC on 26 Sept they were still there, according to the WARC data feed.

The WARC fleet is scheduled to depart for Mauritius sometime on the 26th; the 2350-mile voyage will take between 12 and 18 days.

There are some Bali pix uploaded here.

- WT webmaster

08 September 2010


A quick update - just heard from the gang, and the boat has made the crossing from Darwin, Australia, to Bali, Indonesia, and is in port. There are rumors of more photos coming online soon!

Some Australia shots are online here.

8 44.482 S
115 12.785 E

- WT webmaster