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29 November 2009

Of Meatballs, Spinnakers and Fish Fashions

We continue to make excellent time on course, with the wind cooperating nicely. Just before lunch today we pulled down the jib and finally got the spinnaker up.

Hard to see in this small version, but Casey's got a big grin on his face. (See the photo album for a larger version of the photo.)
The weather is beautiful, with mellow following seas. To save electricity, we're driving by hand rather than relying on the autopilot, which is giving everyone lots of great practice helming.

Sofia treated us to authentic Swedish meatballs for dinner last night (yum) and Anne notes that meatball leftovers make an excellent snack at 3 AM when you're on watch.

We're seeing lots of flying fish, including two who, for no apparent reason, decided to commit suicide by jumping up onto the deck in the early hours of the morning. Anne, having been requested to "make something out of this origami thing you do," had folded a paper carp, and it turned out to be exactly the same size as one of the ex-flying fish, and made an excellent shroud for an eventual burial at sea.

Oisin and Sean say "Happy Birthday, Conor!"

Heidi says "Happy Birthday, Mom!"

Flora and fauna count:

  • lots of flying fish
  • two ex-flying fish
  • tiny black sea birds, maybe petrels.

29 November 2009 UT 16:22 23 02.868 N 27 29.400 W

- Anne, for WT

P.S. Oh, and since we left it out yesterday, we wish to give appropriate credit for the recipe for the fabulous raspberry muffin cakes - thanks, Uncle Frank! Your muffins are a crew favorite.