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01 November 2009

Sierra Nevada

A day-trip away from Cartagena lies the Sierra Nevada (“Snowy Range”). Anne, Casey and Heidi drove there to poke around. Wild Tigris - Sierra Nevada countryside A view of the mountains, approaching from the East Wild Tigris - Livestock warning We saw a lot of these signs – warning of livestock in the road. Saw very little actual livestock, though. Despite being armed with a map thoroughly inadequate for the task of navigating through the mountains, we did pretty well. Until we got fairly lost near the town of Ugijar. Anne’s pretty sure that the town name is pronounced differently than the way we took to saying it (“oogey-jar”) but it became fairly important to find it, as we figured out from this roadmap: Wild Tigris - Sierra Nevada Roadtrip Actual road map. Sort of a logical map, rather than a physically accurate one… By process of elimination (let’s see, this town’s on the big map, so’s this one, so the pass must be *here*) we figured out the list of towns we needed to go through to get over the pass. Wild Tigris - Sierra Nevada No idea what they were warning us of, except perhaps the risk of getting lost Wild Tigris - Sierra Nevada roadtrip Another typical sign, including our favorite, Ugijar. Wild Tigris - Sierra Nevada Roadtrip Casey and Heidi Wild Tigris - Sierra Nevada Roadtrip Finally, some livestock Wild Tigris - Sierra Nevada Roadtrip And at last, the pass.