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15 November 2009

Off the coast of Africa

Wild Tigris - Gib to Canaries

We've been underway now for a bit under a day, with around 570 miles to go to the Canaries. We've finally got a sail up, too. (The winds being a tad contrary, however, we are motor-sailing. And as Anne types this, we're tacking towards the coast in anticipation of more wind and bigger seas tomorrow, and thinking the coast will be a milder ride.) Said wind is hovering between 14 and 18 knots, with moderate seas (forecast to go to 3-5 meters) which we're mostly seeing as long-period swells. All very reasonable, and the boat's quite comfortable with the sail up.

Casablanca appeared at the edge of the chart plotter just a while ago - a cool thing to see going by on the map, for sure.

Flora and fauna count:

- moderate numbers of whatever beasties they are that bioluminesce in the wake

- three small dark ocean birds (petrels?); three small white ocean birds (terns?) and two big ones (albatross?) [having been unable to find a mid-atlantic ocean bird species reference, Anne is guessing, here.]

- two blows from whales, a good distance off

- one flying fish

We've tested both the weather-data gathering system and the email-by-sat-phone, and they and all other systems are behaving nicely. We like that. :)

UTC 1200 15 Nov 2009
34 47.3 N
007 41.1 W

- Anne, for WT