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08 January 2010

Big Fish Spare Parts!

The fishing debate continues, with no success. Today at about 2pm, Bill was at the helm. The call for fish, fish, @#$^ fish was made, Sofia jumped to get the line, the line was set at 4, still reeling out, even after sliding the reel to stop, the line still reeled out. Must be a real lumper! Then it happened The line went limp.... gone! The Rapala (our best lure) stolen. Luckily we have spare parts, yes we have spare parts, though not for everything, we know... but we do have another Rapala... and it was secured to the line swiftly...

Casey spotted a shark in the early afternoon, and Bill kept a dolphin run at the bow to himself, though to his credit it was at sunrise and he might have awakened others who might have preferred to slumber, no pictures though, " my battery in my camera went dead."

Happy Birthday to Scoty in St. Croix and Fiona in Alaska from Bill. Hi Sally from Joey.

Over and out for now.

Jan 08, 2010 12:00 UTC

14 04.84 N

67 49.78 W