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08 January 2010

Smoking Start!!!

We made it!!!

Right now we sitting on deck, watching the first sunset of many!

Beautiful day!

Finished up a couple of jobs this morning, such as getting the tender on board, putting on all the sheets and so on. Did all the customs and paid up the marina last night so we could depart early; first boat to the starting area to check out the conditions (yeah, we were all pretty keen on get moving!!)

Got the main, mizzen and the jib out. Casey was our tactician, counting down the minutes, pushing the other boats out of the way (we were bigger so they kind of had to move!!!) and he got us first over the start line!


Very excited crew!!

Dinner is on the way, our first fish caught by the boys who, after x amounts of hours of discussion on which lure to use, only let the line out 20 feet before landing the first fish... A new Wild Tigris record! Morgan did a great job on the filleting and now we're gonna eat it!

Loads of love from the crew on Wild Tigris!

13 54.3N

61 35.7W