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14 January 2010

Screensaver and Postcards!

Today we visited the native people of the San Blas Islands. They are stunning, their thatched huts and coconut fires to cook their recently caught pot fish was a life style to be admired. One of the highlights of the day was to go back to buy molas and take pictures of their beautiful children. The experience of seeing their cultivated coconut and banana crops, the dug out canoes, and the pristine island where they live was a memory of a lifetime. Also, we all want to meet Sally, we think so much of Joey, who made a brief appearance today. Whilst walking around one of the scenic islands Heidi convinced Joey to come out of his shell for a quick photo shoot, after which Dav quickly returned. Dav might have a cold winter in front of him; but if Joey saw the shorts Dave was wearing...he'd have punched him right in the face...anyway, God bless Speedo's. (Sofia)

Other news we are moving on to the next island, in the morning at 10AM. Hopefully the lobsters we have bartered for will arrive before we leave in the morning. We have sold all of our gasoline for a few lobsters because the donut has been eaten. ("This motor on the tender has the life expectancy of a donut", Jeff.)

" I dont know what the F--- a Mola is but buy all of 'em" (Casey)

Actually.... with the opportunity to moor the boat for a day there has been time to reflect on the immense undertaking we have chosen to pursue... and look forward to the amazing sights and experiences we will have, as, already, there have been many moments we will recall for some time to come..... with that in mind it's also proper to mention we do not ignore those we have left behind as the stories about siblings and spouses and parents abound .... perhaps, soon they will join us. (Dav)

PS Cat I miss you and love you.

Back to the Screensaver and postcards, everywhere we look, looks like a screensaver ... pictures to follow when we get internet.

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