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16 July 2010

East side of Lelepa Island, Efate, Vanuatu

After a great lunch yesterday we moved over to Lelepa Island from the Havanah Resort. Looking for snorkeling spots we took the dingy for a spin around Lelepa. Sean, Sofia, Jeff, Amanda took a walk on the sandy beach and cut through to the other side of the island. Driving the dingy around to the other side we idled around the West side to look at the amazing coral gardens right at low tide. The wave would go out and the coral would appear above the surface. The thought of a glass-bottomed inflatable would have been a sight in these healthy coral reefs.

We finished with Lelepa and went over to the Purumea Passage and Moso Island to check out the turtle farm. On the way we noticed a dive boat with no one on board, just anchored. Slowed down to see if there were any people snorkeling or diving. Just at that moment we noticed a reef in front of us which turned out to be bubbles coming up on the surface. In reverse immediately, don’t know who was more surprised the people in the water or us, crisis averted. Back to Wild Tigris, with her Cayman Island Red flag she is quite a sight to drive up too.

Dinner was a masterpiece from Sean and Sofia. A few rums and glasses of wine talking under the stars and the Milky Way was a nice way to end the day.

17.34.793 S

- Casey