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16 May 2010

The Pearl Regatta

Since we left Tahiti and Morea we did a quick night sail up to Raiatea, 120 miles northwest of Tahiti, to attend the Pearl Regatta.

Casey and Warner went of on Ocean Jasper to be the tactician and Mr. Muscle. Meanwhile Wild Tigris is following around as the mother ship….or nowadays more known as the floating bar! =)

Sailing around Raiatea, Bora Bora, Tahaa and all these other exotic islands is fantastic. We are surrounded by the most stunning views all day long with turquoise water full of fish.

During the days we been entertaining ourselves with sailboat racing, loads of swimming and snorkeling and some wakeboarding.

And during night time we have been gate-crashing the parties. They all seem to take place on the smallest little islands, with an improvised bar built of palm trees and there is enough rum to make us all feel a bit sorry for ourselves in the morning...

Another night, another party!


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