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24 May 2010

South Pacific: Bora Bora

Went snorkeling yesterday outside of the reef near the pass getting into Bora Bora. In water for a few seconds and spotted a black tip shark on the bottom. Came up to the surface to tell Heidi there was a black tipped shark below. Went back to looking underwater to notice two more now a total of three. Heidi jumps in and the three sharks start to come off the bottom and circle in perfect triangle around us. Each one 5-6 six feet long just circling. Now they are twenty feet away all three below the surface about three feet, just looking at us. Maybe curious but just a little too much for us. Both jumped back in the dingy. Back inside the reef for more snorkeling but with smaller fish.

Rented a copy of Mutiny on the Bounty couple of nights ago. Invited two boats over to watch, Crazy Horse and Ocean Jasper. The colors in the film are the same here. Great flick being very near the actual sight of the famous Mutiny. An epic night!!

Yesterday we were lent a copy of South pacific, finished it this morning. The local history books say there were 150 American children born here on Bora Bora during World War II. The book mentioned that only sixty percent of the children born survived once the normal conditions restored after the Navy left Bora Bora. Today the average age of these children today would be sixty-one.

Bora Bora is surrounded by a barrier reef with only one pass to get into the lagoon. There are about a dozen islands with the main island having a 3500 ft mountain in the middle of it. The barrier reef keeps all the large wave out of the lagoon; it is just like a lake in the middle of the ocean. The color changes as to how deep the water is in the lagoon. Some clouds change color to a green/teal from the reflection of the lagoons.

We did some varnish touch-ups this morning. Sean and Sofia are having a weekend ashore at one of the many on the water huts.

We leave for Suwarrow in the Cook Islands tomorrow.

- Casey