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30 September 2010

Rain, Rain, and more Rain

You never appreciate your auto pilot enough until it stops working. Yesterday we were Nantucket Sleigh riding for six or seven hours flying at speeds up to 14 plus knots. Two poles and two jibs pulling the Wild Tigris to hull speeds time and time again.  Then when the fun for just getting to much our beloved Ray (Hydraulic autopilot) he decided that it was too much and stopped working.  The motor stalled on the cockpit read out.  Our Courageous Captain Sean went through heavy rain and large seas to try and fix Ray but no avail.  Hand steering was the day.  Two hour watches with a backup person in the main saloon for the rest of the trip or unless Ray decides to give us a break and start working again. We just don’t love Ray enough, so if you know any Ray’s please give them some love so that our Ray may come back to life.   


Wild Tigris crew


16 10.805 S

88 46.748 E


03:21 UT time

8:51 am Wild Tigris time