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07 May 2011

Bye-bye Antigua

Wild Tigris slipped her lines at Antigua Yacht Club marina at 0545 this morning and motored out to a beautiful sunrise. Not long after 0600, full main, mizzen and head-sail we’re comfortably pulling us along at an average of just under 8kts. As I type, we are on course at 7.5kts passing 4Nm north of Saba; a small, steep-sided Island which seems to have houses clinging to places that houses aren’t meant to be!

The total distance from Antigua to Baker’s Bay in the Abacos is 1050Nm with a course that will bring us between Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. The latest weather gives another two days of 10-15kt reach/broad reaching then probably going light enough for the Iron Jib.    


17 40’ N

63 12’ W

1830 LT