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09 May 2011

Green Flash?

Today’s Tigris Subsistence Fishing Tournament took a turn for the worst when I lost the coveted Mahi-mahi Lunch Prize coming through the aft gate this morning. Moral was slightly improved when we found a meaty deck-stricken flying fish from the night watch and changed the menu. We were visited by a half dozen Atlantic dolphins swimming alongside as the sun came down this evening, frisky fellas! Life is good here on Tigris tracking steady north and west in calm seas and good spirits. Sofia served up a fine dinner featuring a taboule + beef packed pita, yum! Our sea savvy captain is teaching the procedure for manipulating our mind and vision to see the green flash at sunset; so far I think I saw it? Wind is looking light for the night watches but we are cruising on, BB or bust!


21 06’ N

68 00’ W

2000 LT