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19 February 2010

Half way to Galapagos

218 miles on the first 24 hours to Galapagos or 9.08 knots average. Full genoa and main with engine at 10.5 to 14.5 engine revs. Hit the half way mark at 11:38 am this morning. 199.3 miles to go at this writing.

Many birds today wish we had a bird book of the pacific so we can tell what they are. One white bird with a long tail was most enchanting. Lots of movement on the water. Lots of fish jumping almost looks like circular patterns with the small fish in the middle looks like a fishing frenzy. More fish jumping out of the water than ever on the Atlantic. Ocean swells coming from the north and the south so the sea is confused but the boat is handling it beautifully.

Our first small rain storm with the wind going in a clockwise direction at 1 degrees 30 minutes South. The local low pressure systems in the northern hemisphere always go clockwise and counterclockwise in the southern hemisphere. Joke, good thing we changed the compasses to the southern magnetic pole type.

01 24.005 S

86 15.401 W

6:50 PM Wild Tigris Time...