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11 February 2010

Sailing over the equator with King Neptune

This morning we reached the equator at 7:41.

As we were toasting each other having finally reached the Southern Hemisphere, unsuspected, out of the deep blue sea came King Neptune!

His eyes were fierce and fiery. He wore a silver crown and carried an enormous trident. His laugh sent tremors through all!

"I demand all of you pay respect to my kingdom!" he growled. Forcing us to sit on the deck and drink his blood from his chalice (the blender).

The blood-red drink was vile. Sophia, being a strong Swedish gal, drank the foul liquid in one gulp. Captain Sean complained it was quite chunky. The rest of us banished it over the side.

"You will give an offering!" King Neptune roared as he pulled out scissors, cutting a lock of hair from everyone and throwing it into the sea. No one was spared.

"Now that you have been initiated into my Kingdom, let's have pancake breakfast!" Somehow that meant using us as the frying pan. Without giving all the gory details, first there was flour, then milk, sugar, and the final step was cracking an egg on top of each one of us. Normally we would have gone for a swim, but Neptune decide he did not want to save us from drowning.

Apparently this was a "milked down" variety of King Neptune's visit. A Norwegian version of King Neptune's visitation has the first timers drink a shot of diesel fuel - which ruins the rest of your day. The shaving of all first timers is a normal event. Puking is the rule of the day for first timers. And of course the crew can now wear an earring in their left ear as proof of their having sailed past the equator.

The Ecuadorean coast is beautiful, with tall rock cliffs and tall sand dunes coming down into the ocean. Small fishing boats are even out miles off the coast. All in all a perfect day on the Wild Thing!!!

17:00 local time

01 17.541 S

80 54.745 W