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05 February 2010

Las Perlas Islands (Contadora island)

The Wild Ones have been neglecting the blog for a while. Please forgive us!

We have been in Flamenco Marina waiting for parts...That didn't arrive.

On Wednesday the 3rd of Feb. we left for Las Perlas islands. (Leaving Flamenco at high tide so as to not run aground unlike the Dreamcatcher the day before...)

We motor/sailed the 35 miles to Contodora Island - on the way south we saw about 40 to 50 Dolphins leaping 6 to 8 feet in the air, playing with us. Also 4 whales, many blows and one fluke.

Found a great anchorage off the end of the airstrip of the island, so once again we have a good view of the little planes landing and dodging the masts.

While in Panama we got a new 4 stroke/25 horse motor for the dinghy. New motor runs great, the donut has been eaten!

Yesterday, took a spin around Contadora in the dinghy. Planning on taking the dinghy to the island to explore and enjoy some refreshments today!

Tomorrow heading back to Panama to collect people and things for our trip down to Ecuador.

08 36.156 N

78 59.455 W

12:30 Local time