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01 October 2010

Sunny days? Well maybe, a sunny spot for a few minutes.

October 1st   making progress to Mauritius only 1560 miles to go.  The wind is in the 35 knot area for my complete watch 8 until 10 am. We only have a rolled in genoa up with no main.  Boats are catching up to us but the ride here is very nice below.  You wouldn’t know that it is blowing like crazy on deck unless you go up on deck.  Still thinking of our auto pilot “Ray” who makes things just so easy.  We try everyday to see if some how he will go back to work but no joy as of yet.  A large flying fish in the cockpit this morning, threw it over board but what a slim, took soap to wash off the smell. Haven’t seen any fish on the surface of the ocean but you know they are there checking us out.  We are almost on the 17th Latitude and the sun is peeking out this morning more than all of yesterday.  The further south the better the weather according to our weather router Bruce, at the World ARC. 


16 55.941 S

85 21.910 E


05:04 UT

10:34 am Wild Tigris time