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30 October 2010

Merci La Reunion!

We've had a great week in Reunion, exploring this interesting island. It's a huge mix of climates and terrain, ranging from dry coastal near-desert to lush tropical forest; with black volcanic beaches, impassable basalt cliffs, coastal beach towns and isolated mountain villages... and yet it's France, too. Very cool.

We had a great farewell party last night, with local Creole cooking and music. The little pub/bar/internet-cafe on the quay will probably be glad of a bit of peace and quiet once we've left, though they've been most kind to this random flock of strangers mangling the language while trying to order a cafe au lait and a croissant. Merci bien a tous!

We're heading out this morning for the 7-10 day trip to Richard's Bay, South Africa. Our trusty autopilot, Ray, is back with us, so we're looking forward to a bit less hand-steering this leg. Keep your fingers crossed.

Updates as we have 'em along the way...

- Anne, for WT
30 Oct 2010 9:04 local time
Reunion Island, France