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02 October 2010

The sun has returned!!!

On Henry’s watch the rain had its last say and poured buckets for the 2 hours Henry was on the helm. Just as it was my turn after getting all suited up. The sky’s started to clear and the wind lightened up and the sun reappeared. The sea turned cobalt blue, the main went up to the 3rd reef, then to the 2nd and I hear calls for the full main. No action on that yet!

Ray is done for this trip need parts. Sofia gets to work on her spaghetti arms as she calls them. The rest of us are getting some exercise with hand steering.

1346 miles to go…

If you are reading this we got the email to send yippy.


18 01.009 S

81 49.389 E

09:13 UT

02:45 Wild Tigris time