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10 March 2011


Big day today!

Wild Tigris has crossed the equator; we are now in the northern hemisphere.

Unfortunely for Dave he was the only person onboard who had not crossed the equator on a sailing vessel before.

Since yesterday we have all done our best in winding him up about what will happen.

Everything from nipple piercing to keel-hauling was mentioned!

Luckily for him it was not that bad, he survived after bravely drinking King Neptune’s blood and Holly had a great time playing “King Neptune’s wench” making equatorial pancakes (on him!).

Otherwise the wind has been as you can expect around the equator; non-exciting.

We are for the moment motoring to 2 degrees north where the latest u-grib file promised us more wind.


0 26’ 73 N

42 25’ 48 W