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13 March 2011

We got the one that got away!

Well, close enough! At 2.30pm today we landed an almost identical Wahoo to the one that slipped through our grasp yesterday. At four and a half feet long and approximately 60lbs, we have enough Wahoo fillets to keep us going until St. Lucia if not beyond. The first batch was devoured in a Thai Green curry tonight with no complaints!

The bigger lure combined with a stainless steel wire leader ensured no amount of chomping would allow this one escape. We used the boat-hook as our new gaff and our tried and trusted technique of hauling it in while still sailing at 6kts thus ensuring the fight was out of him by the time he landed on the aft deck.


Other than that, our day has basically been spent sailing (and now motor-sailing) through one huge, relentless rain cloud. I’m not sure whether the final DVD count was four, five or maybe even six movies!

120Nm to Islas Salut and fingers crossed for blue sky, sun and a NE breeze!



4         55’ N

50     38’ W