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08 March 2011

leaving Brazil

Brazil has been great!

Warm, busy, full of beautiful ladies in tiny bikinis dancing samba, great food, great nights out, some of the most stunning beaches, Fernando de Nornonha was in the top of the most exotic destination yet.

Salvador-Recife-Fernando de Nornonha-Fortaleza.

That’s why there hasn’t been too much time for the blog!

Wild Tigris left Fortaleza yesterday afternoon on high tide and had some really good sailing yesterday and through last-night. Now the rain clouds are sneaking up on us.

So the wind goes up, down, changes direction….

And the rain is falling….the famous ‘Inter-tropical conversion zone’ !=)

That is why I volunteered to go downstairs to the comfy, dry main saloon to update the blog!!!!!=)




1 44 50 s

40 01 35 w



N.b. Just over 120Nm until Wild Tigris crosses back into the Northern Hemisphere.

       Will King Neptune make an appearance to initiate the only ‘green-horn’ (Dave J.) aboard?