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05 December 2009

11 days on port tack, and nothing but flying fish

Looking back from the bow: Heidi and Sean smooth the caulking on the deck with chisels.
Erratum: Anne forgot to add, yesterday:

Heidi says: "Happy Birthday, Dad!"

We are steaming along, still on port tack, still wing-on-wing, downwind in 15-20 knots of breeze, with occasional 10-foot following waves... driving is too fun for words. (Not so attempting to make food down below in the rollers, apparently. Sofia gets major kudos and thanks from all of us for an awesome lunch under nearly impossible cooking conditions!)

We haven't seen a light or a sail (or pretty much anything except the occasional seabird and the ever-amusing flying fish) in ages. The biggest excitement on the night watches was a random wave that nearly washed into the cockpit out of nowhere on Casey & Anne's watch around 3:30 AM. Yup, you know you're in the middle of nowhere when a *wave* is newsworthy. Heh.

Our mileage-to-go went below 1000 miles this morning (Casey elected the Grateful Dead's "Truckin'" as the appropriate soundstrack for the moment) and we've started a "what time will we arrive" pool.

Other than that, things continue to hum quietly along.

5 Dec 2009 16:49 UTC 15 00.671 N 44 07.431 W

- Anne, for WT