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06 December 2009

"Flash? More like a green smudge, really."

(Actual WT crew, who shall remain nameless, quote.)

Probably anyone who sails (and lots who don't) has heard of the fabled "Green Flash," the green light that folks sometimes see at sunset (and maybe sunrise) at sea. Conditions have to be really good - a clear view of the ocean-horizon, no clouds, etc., and still it's a somewhat rare sight.

We can now safely report, however, that the entire boat saw the phenomenon at sunset on Friday. Not really a flash, so much as the light of the setting sun, just as it disappeared below the horizon, changing from bright orange to a very clear green for just a moment.

Very cool.

(And, apparently, sometimes it really does flash, almost like a lighthouse beacon. Casey says it's the first time he's been on a boat where everyone saw it at once.)

Random tidbits/news:

  • finally saw another boat, just lights that passed behind us on a night watch
  • only one suicidal flying fish on deck this morning
  • saw an airplane overhead this morning (first one in ages)
  • 808 miles to go!
  • Sofia's Beer Bread is amazing.

Oisin says: "Happy Birthday, Cian!"

6 Dec 2009 16:21 UTC 13 21.901 N 47 05.740 W

- Anne, for WT