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07 December 2009


Flying along. (Still on port tack when this shot was taken.)
After what seems like forever on port tack, we did the unimaginable early yesterday evening and gybed the boat. Between the wind shifting and our need to keep the boat reasonably flat lest we starve (ha), we'd come a bit south of our direct course to the island. So amidst shouts of "starboard!" (not that there were any other boats to hear) we turned and headed a bit more directly for our destination.

The wind and seas have picked up quite a bit (steadily over 20 knots, with occasional gusts to 30; Sean describes it as a "brisk following sea," which translates to fast-moving, sometimes 3.5-meter waves) and driving is a blast. Anne notes: "If you'd told me two months ago that driving at night, downwind, in 28 knots and big rollers would be something to look forward to, rather than run screaming from, I'd have laughed at you... But last night's watch was great fun."

The current course-over-ground speed record is held by Sofia with 14.2 knots (she's got an unverified further claim of 14.7, but no one else saw it.) We are, indeed, moving right along!

Our arrival date/time bets are written down and posted on the fridge door (along with our galley rules, garbage-handling instructions and the map to the stash of beverages under the floor in the master cabin). They range from Wednesday through Friday. We'll see!

Only one flying fish carcass on deck this morning; we've been visited repeatedly by some sort of large seabirds which seem to think we ought to have interesting stuff in our wake (a sign, perhaps, that fishing boats get this far out?) Still no other boats in view, though.

578 miles to go!

7 Dec 2009 19:00 UTC 13 04.206 N 51 03.888 W

- Anne, for WT