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01 December 2009

Sex, drugs and rock n' roll

...there, we got your attention, didn't we?

We're starting to run out of news, here in the middle of nowhere, at least beyond the weather and what we had for dinner. (Continued nice; roast lamb and potatoes. All excellent.)

We did have a few lines of clouds blow through with a bit of rain in them, but the last brief shower this morning resulted in a really nice full-sky rainbow (not to mention giving the deck a quick fresh-water washdown) so no one minded especially.

We never get tired of the sunsets at sea.

Flora and fauna report:

  • NO other boats for days... more proof that the ocean is really big, and we're pretty small!
  • no dolphins in a while, we're hoping we're about due for some more
  • still lots of schools of flying fish
  • 2 ex-flying fish on deck this morning (one put to use as a fishing lure, with mixed success: a fish went after it, but we lost the fish, and bait, trying to reel it in.)

1 Dec 2009 19 31.051 N 32 50.370 W

- Anne, for WT