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07 November 2010


We're in port in Richard's Bay, South Africa, having arrived early this evening to a wonderful welcoming committee consisting of the boat crews who got here before us, our ever-cheerful WARC keepers in their un-missable yellow shirts, plus local yacht club representatives who greeted us with gifts of club t-shirts and a bottle of champagne. Honestly, if everyone in South Africa is this friendly and welcoming we'll have a hard time leaving!

We're all crashing relatively early, with a long list of chores - most involve removing the truly amazing quantities of salt that seem to have encrusted EVERYTHING, including ourselves - ahead of us tomorrow.

But first: ahhhh... a bunk that's not moving in the slightest. :)

07 Nov 2010 2201 UTC
28 47.524 S
32 04.996 E