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04 November 2010

Towels, Tunas, Terns, Tortes and Time...

Flying along around 7 knots, just slightly upwind, under jib, main and mizzen, we're well past halfway, and are sailing out into the waters between Madagascar and Africa - the Mozambique channel. We've been at sea somewhere over 5 days of elapsed time, and today's blog, perhaps unsurprisingly, is a bit random, as things so far have been (happily, mind you) uneventful.

TOWELS: Casey reports that, until yesterday, he'd been unaware that the towel on the *right* side of the rack was supposed to be his. We're not sure if this means that he's been using Heidi's towel all along, or what, but are pleased that he's straightened that out, anyway.

TUNAS: Strictly speaking, tuna, singular; in a first for this voyage (which is saying a lot) we had a tuna follow along next to the boat for several hours this morning. It looked like it was cruising in the boat slipstream - it was certainly surfing in the waves as they passed. Luckily (for the tuna) Sean was off-watch, and no one else wanted to set a lure. Looked like a good-sized yellow fin, and it had no trouble keeping up with the boat. Most interesting.

TERNS: In other wildlife news, it was a busy bird morning, with large flocks of terns, many shearwaters and even a skua winging by. Several of the birds, apparently familiar with fishing vessels, hung around behind the boat for a while waiting for chum. We were not interested in sharing any of the previous Dorado catch, so they eventually slipped away between the waves. We also were visited by a pod of dolphins who performed as usual at the bow, zipping back and forth in front of the boat before slipping off on errands unknowable.

TORTES: well... pizza, actually, but it didn't start with a T. We had a fabulous pizza lunch today, and the whole boat has been rather subdued all afternoon, happily digesting.

TIME: We've sailed far enough west of Reunion that we've set our local clocks back one hour, so we're now UTC+2.

All's well on the WT!

4 Nov 2010 12:06 UTC
27 18.472 S
41 31.100 E