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02 November 2010


...and whales. (And, to be fair, one rather large ex-flying fish found on morning watch deck-walk.) Yup, it's been a nice day so far for wildlife - except perhaps for the poor fish - as we've had a couple of whale sightings (no photos, though, they were a bit shy of the boat, perhaps because of the engine noise) and Casey spotted a huge seabird soaring over the waves just after lunch. Didn't get enough details to ID the species, but based on size and behavior, it was surely one of the several Albatrosses in the region.

We're now motor sailing with jib, staysail, main and mizzen (Yet Another Sail Combo) through continued light winds. They've come around to a more favorable direction, though, so we're headed right for our next waypoint south of Madagascar. Sof continues to conjure up treats, we're all managing lots of sleep thanks to the watch schedule, the weather continues nice with relatively flat seas, and Ray is faithfully keeping us on course.

Life is peaceful aboard the WT.

02 Nov 2010 12:18 UTC (15:18 local time)
25 32.461 S
48 14.957 E