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20 November 2010

On the move again!

Good Bye Port Elizabeth!


This morning after checking the weather one more time, we had to wake up the two boats rafted up to us, untied all the lines (lots of them) and motored out of PE. Sorry about the wakeup call to A-Lady and Destiny, especially A-lady who were hoping to sleep in after arriving in early this a.m, but were woken to the sound of feet on the decks.


After finally leaving the harbor and out of the coal or magnesium ore dust there was a big boat bath. Black dust on the windward side of everything.

Currently we are motoring along at 7kts, looking to get to Mossel Bay and or maybe to Cape Town. We will decide at Mossel Bay if we should keep going.


There’s a noticeable chill in the SW wind which is no doubt on route from Antarctica or thereabouts. We are currently at Latitude 34 10’ S and therefore 375Nm north of the ‘Roaring Forties’. There has been no shortage of locals offering their knowledge for this leg of our trip. One of the more important tips is to watch the barometer like a Hawk! We have also learned that there is more current offshore, but not to go too far off and likewise to go inshore for shelter against the westerly, but not too far in as there is a counter-current!


All in all, we are happy to be on the move again and excited about getting into our berth at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront marina in Cape Town.


Roll on the Wild Tigris!

34 10’ S

025 14’ E