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24 October 2009

The boat's in port, and some of us are in Innsbruck (!)

Wild Tigris - sunrise outside of Cartagena After a quiet night of tacking slowly back and forth outside of the harbor (it was such a nice night we even had dinner on deck... after the weather the last few days, it seemed quite a miracle to sit peacefully on deck eating lasagna and salad!) we were met by the harbormaster from Cartagena, and towed in to dock on Friday morning. Wild Tigris - getting a tow A truly remarkable amount of wet, salt-encrusted gear promptly came up on deck to be hosed down and hung out to dry, the boat got a good scrub-down with soap and fresh water, and we started in on laundering the largish piles of damp clothing and bedding that seemed to have accumulated overnight. Wild Tigris - laundry, anyone? In the midst of all this, Casey's son, Warner ( earned a starting spot in a World Cup skiing event in Solden, Austria. Many phone calls later, early on Saturday four of us were headed from Cartagena to Austria to cheer Warner on. The boat (and The List of Stuff To Do) are in Sean and Sofia's eminently capable hands.