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16 October 2009

Friday - T minus 1 and, er, holding...

With the plan to depart on Saturday still in force at the start of the day, refit mania headed into even high gear today. Contractors seemed to be sprouting from every part of the boat, multilingual conversations and shouts of "hola!" were ever-present... Quite a day. But the punchlist combined with some weather uncertainty proved too much for the schedule, and we've officially put off the launch until Monday. Headliners (ceiling coverings) back down in the main salon so another contractor could drill holes for a deck fitting. Matt in a tight fit, fixing deck plate supports. The headliners that took Anne all Thursday morning to reassemble are back down to tweak some wiring again... Casey using the big winches... ... to hoist another rigger up the mast to install protective coverings on the spreaders. Hey, Heidi, is there enough water?