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17 October 2009

Refit: Saturday, 17th - T minus 2 days (no, really)

Today was nominal departure day – though it was clear sometime yesterday that between The List and some weather moving through that it would be better to set departure for early Monday - so everyone understood the need to really and truly finish everything (nothing like a deadline...) An amazing stashing of food was taking place: Wild Tigris - provisioning Sofia and friend Ti, stocking the boat And the most beautiful, ever, boxed delivery of fruits and vegetables: Wild Tigris - Fruit delivery While everywhere else, all the bits and pieces and parts steadily found their way to the main salon for dispersal to their proper places on board. In the afternoon, Heidi and Anne and Bill took a while off to do a bit of sightseeing, and headed out for the northwest coast of Mallorca. Along the way, they stopped at a beach to dip their toes in the Med (yes, though some of the gang have already been living on the boat, we hadn’t actually touched the water!) and have a coffee on the cliff-side terrace of a little café. Wild Tigris - Anne's toes in the Med Anne's toes in the Med Wild Tigris - Heidi walking on beach Wild Tigris - sightseeing Wild Tigris - sightseeing Back at the boat, the generator having been completely wired into the boat, the floor panels all went back in. (Of course you need to get down there to check things, occasionally, but the floor is now Officially Done. Hurray!) Wild Tigris - the last floorboard