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22 October 2009

"Cartagena? I hear Cartagena is nice."

(Guess where we were?)

Well. Things have been busy since the last post; we've had a bit of engine trouble, to the point that we're not running it, and need to rely solely on sailpower. Which, normally, would not be that much trouble, but a nifty little storm system has blown through, with lots of wind and big seas.

After plowing our way as far as we could, we finally decided that it was best to turn around and get to a large port where we could get some engine repair assistance (or at least be able to work on it ourselves in calm conditions). So we went back towards Cartagena just as the core of the storm cell took shape to the east (see picture, above; we weren't actually in the red area on the map, but still saw 61 knots at one point! Whew!)

We're now in a holding pattern outside of Cartagena harbor, planning on heading in (possibly with a tow assist) first thing in the morning on Friday. The winds and seas have abated considerably.

That's why they call them "shakedown cruises." We've shaken down just about everything!

More details when we have 'em and can send.

Date: 22 oct 2009 16:47:52 UTC

Position: 37 33.836 N, 000 42.24 W