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13 October 2009

Tuesday - T minus 4 days and counting

Tuesday: We're on track for a sea trial on Thursday, and departure on Saturday. At the moment, though, it seems like the boat's in a million pieces, with projects and people scurrying everywhere. Random highlights: - In a miraculous series of events, we managed to remove the old dishwasher (winching the thing out of the large forward hatch with the spinnaker halyard; sorry, we didn't get photos, but it was quite the sight) and purchased a washing machine to go in its place; - Huge provisioning run accomplished, there's now food stashed in all sorts of places, highly organized by Sophia, who'll be keeping us fed and happy under way; - generator installation work continued, it's almost entirely wired in; - lots and lots of individual projects, installing various items, finishing up the electrical rewiring, stowing and cleaning and organizing... - Anne arrived, a bit jetlagged, but after spending the day climbing around the boat in the sunshine, she thinks she'll be caught up pretty quickly. More tomorrow, with more crew arriving, and the punch list counting down!