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28 November 2009

An ancient pagan Irish wind dance...

...was actually just Sean stretching his back on the aft deck, we think. He's adamant that it'll call up more of the breeze we want, and, really, why argue with him?

Wind and weather continue to cooperate beautifully, and we're sailing along under jib and mainsail, wing-on-wing, chewing up the miles.

Today is polish-the-stainless day, so we've got (old) toothbrushes and rags and little tubs of polish and are clambering around the boat shining everything we can see.

If Sofia keeps making the little raspberry cake/muffins the crew loves, we're going to run out of butter. We're wondering who'd answer a mayday call for more butter?

Flora and fauna count:

  • 1 dorado, caught and filleted for a yummy fish shishkebab dinner
  • Oisin saw dolphins on night watch on the 27th
  • pod of around 20 dolphins (spotted, very cool-looking) came and played with the boat for quite a while this morning. It looked like they were daring each other to get the closest to the bow before peeling off into the bow waves
  • 4 flying fish
  • 1 extremely lost butterfly (how did it get here?)

28 November 2009 14:45 UT 24 06.937 N 24 27.711 W

- Anne, for WT