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27 November 2009

Blue Skies

After, in Arlo Guthrie's words, a Thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat (and, yes, we did listen yesterday to "Alice's Restaurant" in honor of the day) we've had a quiet night and morning. The wind continues to cooperate, and has even gone east enough that we're on a pretty direct course for St. Lucia without needing to do so much as adjust the sails.

With our two new crewmates, our crew roster is now three Americans (Casey, Heidi, Anne), three Irishmen (Sean, Andy [Sean's dad], Oisin [friend of Sean's, and for those of you not familiar with Irish given names, it's sort of pronounced like "ocean"] and one Swede (Sofia, our fabulous cook). We all imagine that our vocabulary and accents are going to get odd by the end of these weeks together. Flashlights have become torches, small things are now "wee," and aluminum has gained an extra syllable to become "aluminium."

Flora and fauna list:

  • several seabirds
  • a small pod of dolphins at night, barely noticeable except when they surfaced to breathe, backlit by the moon's reflection on the waves

27 Nov 2009 13:18 UTC 25 00.185 N 21 08.415 W

- Anne, for WT